125% Money Back Guarantee

  • Regular DAILY use at the recommended dosage for a period of 3 months required.
  • The refund period and terms will run from the original, first purchase date by the consumer for a period of 120 days.  A 3-month supply must have been purchased and consumed or 3 consecutive purchases of the one month supply taken consistently within that 120 day period.
  • Receipts from purchase with dates to be provided by customer.
  • A dated blood work report reflecting your name, BUN, creatinine and other levels before purchasing and using Kidney "Stuff"™ to be supplied by the customer to Golden Standards Co. LLC.  along with a dated, repeat blood test completed during the final week (days 80-90) of the 3-month period of consuming Kidney "Stuff"™ reflecting current blood, creatinine, BUN and other levels..
  • A ONE time refund for a maximum of 3-months of Kidney "Stuff"™ will be provided if all of the above conditions are met and there is no improvement in your overall kidney health.
  • Golden Standards Co. LLC reserves the right to change or alter this guarantee at any time or decide on a fair resolution in any given situation regarding a refund.

* Please note that the Refund Policy is different from the 125% Guarantee.