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What is the difference between K.S. Original and K.S. Capsules?

Kidney Stuff ORIGINAL is a POWDER/GRANULATED form that our customers have been using since our company was founded. The original formula does contain a small amount of Defatted Wheat germ. Ingredients are Non-GMO. The original formula is meant to be mixed in smoothies, juices, applesauce, salads and other foods.

K.S. CAPSULES were introduced in December 2016. Capsules are GLUTEN free, Non-GMO and include some Organic ingredients. The Key ingredients are also 2X-4X concentrated versus the original formula. Daily dosage for the Capsules are 8 capsules per day, which may be split into 2 servings of 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. Please see dosage instructions.

Can I take K.S. any other way other than with juice?

Yes.  K.S. can be mixed in with any liquid such as cranberry juice, stirred into yogurt or sprinkled over a salad, fruit, cereal, etc.  The main important thing is to make sure the full amount is consumed.

K.S. is high in fiber, do I need to consume more water/liquids daily?

Yes.  It is recommended that you drink a minimum of 64 fluid oz. daily.  This will help the fiber move easily through your digestive system. Please consult your doctor regarding fiber intake if you have intestinal or stomach issues or have a strict fluid restriction.

Could I have an allergic or chemical reaction to K.S.?

Generally, the answer is NO but as with any product or food, allergic reactions can occur. K.S. is a food based (plant and animal) formula.  The ingredients are typically considered safe well tolerated by most people.  There is always a chance that someone may have a reaction to an ingredient and most people will require a short adjustment period to the extra fiber intake.  It is always recommended to start K.S. at a lower daily dose. Please see dosage instructions. (1 to 2 tsp) and gradually increase to 3 tbsp. per day.  As always, it is recommended that you consult your doctor concerning any diet or supplement changes or additions.

Is K.S. a synthetic or chemical based product?

No.  K.S. is a food based product, made up of plant and animal (mostly plant) based foods, and is 100% natural and healthy.  The ingredients have been proven over many years of research and use, to be safe and extremely beneficial for kidney health and function.  They are a unique combination of ingredients that are kidney specific.

Can I take K.S. with the medication I’m on?

We recommend taking K.S. at least 2 hours apart from any medications.  As always, we recommend you consult with your physician. We cannot diagnose medical conditions, medications, or treatments you are receiving or provide medical advice. Please consult your personal doctors who are familiar with your specific conditions and/or medications.

How long is K.S. good for, and how should it be stored?

Every ingredient in KS is scientifically lab tested for purity and quality when it is received and because KS is a whole food-based product there is a “shelf life” on each ingredient. KS Original Granular Powder formula stays fresh for 18-24 months from manufacturing. We recommend storing KS in the zip-sealed airtight pouch it comes in and consuming within 60 days of opening. To enhance freshness, you may also store your product in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container to keep it dry. KS CAPSULES stay fresh for 18-24 months from manufacturing. There is a best buy date stamped on all of our products.

Should I take K.S. on a regular basis?

Yes.  It is very important to be consistent with your daily consumption of K.S.  Any interruption in the intake schedule will cause variations in the effectiveness of the supplement and your results will be diminished. If you want to have a “true reading” we suggest having lab work (Creatinine, BUN levels and GFR rate) measured before starting K.S.  We recommend consuming K.S. for at least 3 months and repeat Lab work should be done BEFORE  the end of your 3 month period of using K.S. (about the 75 day mark).  Please review our customer testimonials.**

Because I’m taking K.S., does that mean I don’t have to worry about my kidney health and condition again, anymore or consult my doctors?


We recommend you always consult your doctor. K.S. is a supplement and is not intended to be a replacement for treatment by your doctor. We feel K.S. is extremely important and beneficial for overall kidney health and function. This is not a replacement or substitute for medical treatment. We strongly feel that continued monitoring and the advice of your physician should always accompany it.

Can I take too much, or over-consume K.S.?

Yes.  Care should be taken to not consume more than 3 TBSP daily of the Original formula or more than 8 of the concentrated capsules. We also recommend you drink at least 64 fluid ounces of water or liquids per day.

When first starting dosage instructions for K.S. how should K.S. be consumed?

For Original Non-GMO granulated formula:  Start with 1 Tsp – 1 TBSP for the first several days to see how the extra fiber is tolerated and gradually increase to 3 level Tablespoons maximum per day (may be divided into 2 servings). You can mix K.S. in juice, applesauce or other items as described above.  Please consume 64 oz of liquids daily if possible.

For Non-GMO/Gluten Free Capsules: Day one through day three- start with one capsule in the a.m. and one capsule in the p.m. Day four through day six- increase to two capsules in the a.m. and two capsules in the p.m. Day seven through day ten- increase to three capsules in the a.m. and three capsules in the p.m. You may now proceed with the recommended dosage of four in the morning and four at night. We suggest consuming capsules with food and drinking 64 oz of liquids daily if possible.

Can I use K.S. if I am pregnant or nursing?

K.S. is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers or people with intestinal disease, due to the additional fiber. You should always consult with your physician when introducing any supplements to your diet.