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What is the difference between Kidney “Stuff”™ Original and Capsules?

Kidney “Stuff”™ Original Granular is the scoop-able POWDER formula that our customers have been using since our company was founded in 2010. This product is best for gentle maintenance. It contains a small amount of defatted wheat germ (gluten) and is intended to be mixed into smoothies or juices. It can also be added as a topper to a variety of foods like applesauce, salads, and toast.

Kidney “Stuff”™ Capsules are the PILL formula that was introduced in December of 2016. Capsules are sized 00, completely gluten-free, and contain 2 to 4 times the concentration of key ingredients versus the original formula for boosted performance. 

Is Kidney “Stuff”™ gluten-free and wheat-free?

Our Kidney “Stuff”™ Original Granular formula is not gluten-free (wheat-free). It contains a small amount of defatted wheat germ. However, Kidney “Stuff”™ Capsules are completely gluten-free (wheat-free). For a gluten-free/wheat-free option, please choose Capsules.

Can I use Kidney “Stuff”™ if I am on dialysis?

Kidney “Stuff”™ is not recommended for those who are currently on dialysis because flaxseed has natural blood thinning properties. In addition to this, some vitamins and minerals can be lost during dialysis treatment, meaning Kidney “Stuff”™ may be less effective for you. Use caution and consult with your physician as to whether or not Kidney “Stuff”™ is right for you to use. 

Can I take Kidney “Stuff”™ if I have GI issues?

Regarding gastrointestinal issues, sensitivities, or diseases, please consult with your specialist in this space to determine whether or not increasing your fiber intake with Kidney “Stuff”™ is appropriate. You can start slow and titrate your way up to the full dosage if well tolerated. 

Can I use Kidney “Stuff”™ if I am pregnant or nursing?

Kidney “Stuff”™ is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers due to the additional fiber and natural blood thinning properties. You should always consult with your physician when introducing any new supplements to your diet or health program.

When starting Kidney “Stuff”™ what are the dosage instructions?

Original Granular Formula Basic Guidelines

Days 1-3: Start with one level tablespoon/day. Days 4-6: Increase to two level tablespoons/day. Days 7+: Now you may proceed with the recommended dosage of three level tablespoons/day. For better tolerance split the dosage into 1.5 tablespoons in the morning and 1.5 tablespoons in the evening. Consume immediately, natural thickening will occur.

Capsule Formula Basic Guidelines

Days 1-3 (2 capsules/day): Start with one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening. Days 4-6 (4 capsules/day): Increase to two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening. Days 7-10 (6 capsules/day): Increase to three capsules in the morning and three capsules in the evening. Days 11+ (8 capsules/day): Now you may proceed with the recommended dosage of four capsules in the morning and four at night. You may also consume all eight capsules at one time. For better tolerance you can continue splitting the dosage. 

Can I take too much, or over-consume Kidney “Stuff”™?

Yes. Extra is not always better, and care should be taken to not consume more than 3 Tbsp daily of the Original Granular formula or more than 8 pills of the Capsule formula. We also recommend you drink at least 64 fluid ounces of water or liquids per day if you are able to do so.

Should I take Kidney “Stuff”™ on a regular basis?

Yes. It is very important to be consistent with your daily consumption of Kidney “Stuff”™.  Any interruption in the intake schedule will cause variations in the effectiveness of the supplement and your results will be diminished. This does not mean you should ever exceed the dosage.

If you want to have a true reading and qualify for our money-back guarantee, we suggest having lab work (Creatinine, BUN levels, and GFR rate) measured before starting Kidney “Stuff”™.  We recommend consuming Kidney “Stuff”™ for at least 3 months and repeated lab work should be done BEFORE  the end of your 3 month period of using Kidney “Stuff”™ (about the 75 day mark). You must continue taking Kidney “Stuff”™ to continue seeing results. 

How long is Kidney “Stuff”™ good for, and how should it be stored?

Every ingredient in Kidney “Stuff”™ is scientifically lab tested for purity and quality when it is received and because Kidney “Stuff”™ is a whole-food-based product there is a “shelf life” on each ingredient. Kidney “Stuff”™ Original Granular Powder formula stays fresh for 18-24 months from manufacturing. We recommend storing Kidney “Stuff”™ in the zip-sealed airtight pouch it comes in and consuming it within 60 days of opening, making sure that you use it all before the best by date. To enhance freshness, you may also store your product in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container to keep it dry. Kidney “Stuff”™ Capsules stay fresh for 18-24 months from manufacturing as well. There is a best by date stamped on all of our products.

Do I need to consume more water daily because Kidney “Stuff”™ is high in fiber?

Yes. It is recommended that you drink a minimum of 64 fluid oz. daily if you are not under liquid restrictions. This will help the fiber move more easily through your digestive system. Please consult your doctor if your fluid intake is limited and regarding the elevated fiber intake if you have any GI, intestinal, or known stomach issues.

Can I take Kidney “Stuff”™ any other way other than with juice?

Yes. Kidney “Stuff”™ can be mixed in with any liquid such as cranberry juice, water, or a smoothie. You can also sprinkle it on a salad, in a PB&J sandwich, or on top of your favorite fruit. Mix it into applesauce, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream. Bake it into pancakes, waffles or pastries. The best way to consume Kidney “Stuff”™ is the way you’re most likely to ingest it. Have fun experimenting and always remember, the less heat in the cooking process, the better!

Is Kidney “Stuff”™ a synthetic or chemical based product?

Absolutely not! Kidney “Stuff”™ is a whole-food product made up of mostly plant and one animal-based food. In an effort to create the cleanest supplements possible, we’ve made sure our ingredients are carefully sourced from ethical farmers we trust. All formulas are 100% non-GMO and include several organic ingredients which have been proven over many years of research and use, to be safe and extremely beneficial for kidney health and function.

Are there heavy metals in Kidney “Stuff”™?

No heavy metal contaminants here. Our products follow strict testing protocols and are manufactured using cGMP standards in an FDA-registered facility. Thorough and comprehensive testing is completed on each product at a minimum of 3 different stages throughout the manufacturing process.

Our 3rd party testing is completed at one of the world leaders in testing laboratory groups. They deploy a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques to establish safety, composition, authenticity, origin, traceability, purity, quality, and safety standards using chemical and microbiological analysis and control. Testing ensures the ingredients used are free from heavy metals, additives, hormones, solvents, chemicals, residues and pesticides, foreign matter, plate count, e. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, yeast, mold, and listeria among other things.

Can I take Kidney “Stuff”™ with the medication(s) I’m on?

We recommend taking Kidney “Stuff”™ at least 2 hours apart from any other regular medications. As always, we highly encourage you consult with your physician concerning any possible contraindications. We cannot diagnose medical conditions, point out potential medication interactions, determine if current treatments you are receiving will be affected, or provide medical advice. Please consult your personal doctor(s) who are familiar with your specific conditions and/or medications.

Could I have an allergic or chemical reaction to Kidney “Stuff”™?

Because Kidney “Stuff”™ is a clean, whole-food and plant-based formula, generally the answer is NO. The ingredients in Kidney “Stuff”™are typically considered safe and well tolerated by most people. As with any product, there is always a chance that someone may have an allergic reaction to an ingredient. It is recommended that you read the labels carefully, start slowly so you adjust to the extra fiber intake, and consult with your doctor concerning any supplement changes or additions to your diet. Should you experience any reactions, discontinue use and seek medical care if needed.

Do I have to keep seeing my kidney doctor if I’m taking Kidney “Stuff”™?

We always recommend that you consult with your doctor who knows your personal health history best. Kidney “Stuff”™ is a whole-food based dietary supplement and is not intended to be a replacement for treatment by your doctor nor is it a replacement for medical treatment. We feel strongly that continued monitoring and the advice of your physician and/or dietician should always accompany it.

Where can and can’t I get Kidney “Stuff”™ shipped?

At this time we’re only able to ship within the United States and Puerto Rico. We are currently working to expand this territory so all those in need have access to our high-quality products. 

Do you offer payment plans or other financial options for purchasing Kidney “Stuff”™?

Yes, we do! You can pay upfront or break your order total into installments using our PayLater feature at checkout. Pay in 4 interest-free payments on purchases of $30-$1,500. Just select PayPal at checkout!

What if I can’t afford Kidney “Stuff”™?

If you find that Kidney “Stuff”™ is just out of your budget we would like to invite you to check out our Operation Health Transformation (OHT) give-back program designed to support those with the greatest need and the least amount of funds. Each month, we’ll pay it forward by donating a 3-month supply of our Kidney “Stuff”™ Original Granular formula ($169.95 Value!) to 1 applicant we’ve personally vetted based on a strict set of criteria. 

Do you offer coupons, discounts, or sales?

We offer a variety of promotions to better cater to our customers. Sale information is never released in advance of a sale and the best place to find this information is always via our email list or by following us on our social media platforms. Please note that coupon codes may only apply to specific products or price points and they may not be stacked at checkout. Should you have any questions in regards to discounts for Military / LEO / First Responders please message or email us. All coupons must be applied at checkout in the designated box on the cart page.