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National Nutrition Month: The March Challenge

Are you ready for not only a healthy habits check but a challenge, too? March is National Nutrition Month and it’s a great time to call our attention back to living a balanced lifestyle with both a high-quality diet and appropriate levels of exercise. Now, nutrition is one of the main tools that a medical […]

5 Ways to Support Kidney Health Naturally

The quick and easy things you can do right now that may aid in the prevention of life-threatening kidney disease. Whether you’ve already run into issues or are simply looking to prevent kidney disease down the road, there are 5 simple and easy things you can do right now to potentially better or sustain your […]

How Does Bodybuilding Impact the Kidneys and How Can Kidney Health Be Improved?

Comparing the physiques of bodybuilders in the 1970s to those of the current era, it is clear that immense gains have been made in the sport. However, the gains in muscle mass have not been accompanied by similar progress in the overall health of many competitors. It seems that the overall health of bodybuilders has […]